About Us


Our Approach

Be it approach or our philosophy. The thing is, we have noticed that there is a big gap in the anime fan communities. Meaning, the gap of information about the anime and manga that we love and hold so dear to us is bigger than we think.

There are too many shitty and biased opinion about these things that is just saddening. So, want to deliver as much complete and authentic news as we can. Of course, to some degree, it might sound like somewhat biased too. But, we can promise that none of our written articles would be an absolutely blatant lie.

In fact, our whole philosophy is to redeem those things around online.

Our Story

Our story?

Ok, so here is the thing. We are the fun-loving guys who happen to be enjoying Anime and Manga just as much as you do. We do like to research about the facts that we see in the anime and manga. And if you see there is any scope to let others know any information, we write an article about that.

Our Team:

Here are our team members that help you to know the true facts about anime and manga stuff.

Minato Namikaze:

Minato is the alias that he uses while writing articles. He is the main writer for most of the article here. As by judging by the name you can already tell he is a big fan of Naruto anime. No wonder, our site got so many articles on this anime.

Itachi of the hidden leaf:

He is the 2nd most contributor in terms of the article that is written on this site. The guy is a genius. If only he could write more often. Well, he likes to use his favorite character’s name as his alias. Makes sense, ha?