6 Exciting upcoming Fights in One Punch Man Season 2


One Punch Man Season 2 is coming. When will it be aired? We don’t know yet. But, thanks to the Manga, there are some amazing fights that we will see in anime.

1) Saitama vs. Suiryu

If you have read the one punch man manga, you would already know what I am talking about. My word, Yusuke Murata can draw fight scenes. If only Madhouse was the one who would animate the season 2 of One Punch Man. I am not saying that JC Stuff will mess up this beautifully drawn fight scene. But, comparing them to Madhouse?

I know, the first season of One Punch Man was not solely Madhouse’s series, to begin with. Whatever.

The Martial artist vs. our main character Saitama who is a hero just for fun. If the studio does justice to the anime, we will certainly be able to watch the best fight scene of next season hands down. At least the way Yusuke Murata illustrated that fight, we can presume that much. Saitama faces Suiryu in the final fight of the tournament.

2) Genos vs. Speed O Sonic

The Demon Cyborg gets a serious upgrade later in the manga. Though he knows he is nothing compared to his sensei even with those upgrades, he desperately wanted to check how much stronger he got. So, when Speed O Sonic tried to get close to Saitama to challenge, Genos immediately challenge him. As both of them gets improved from the point the previously were, the fight gets interesting.

As Yusuke Murata draws Genos with such care and detail, we really come to see that in this fight. Sonic’s immense speed vs. Genos’s astonishing upgrade. Damn, this will be a good fight to watch. Moreover, who does not want to watch Saitama’s side jump? If you know what I mean….

3) Saitama vs. Garou

Well, if you are somewhat close to anyone punch man fan base, you probably have already heard of Garou. Garou is the former Student of the Silver Fang. But, ‘somehow’ he got twisted and got banned from the Dojo. In the Manga, he appears as the hero hunter. As he wants to fight strong opponents he continues to crush the heroes.

So, there were speculations about him fighting our main protagonist Saitama. We always wonder how it would turn out if Garou fights Saitama after reaching his full potential. Well, the Mangaka Yusuke Murata didn’t disappoint us completely. We did see the encounter more than one time. And how did that go?

Let’s just say, entertaining.

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4) Suiryu vs. Gouketsu

As the Monster Association enters the fight arena to ‘for some reason’ a clash against the martial artists was bound to happen there. So the strongest martial artist at that point Suiryu vs Gouketsu the monster was a foreseeable fight. Though it was a mismatch, to begin with, and I won’t tell about who is stronger, the fight was interesting nonetheless. The fore-eyed monster vs the best martial artist, a fight you would definitely not want to miss. Well, it’s debatable if Suiryu is the best martial artist or not as we haven’t seen Silver Fang fight seriously even once. But, based on the fight against Saitama and Gouketsu, we can see how good Suiryu is in the martial art.

5) Garou vs. Tank Top Master

As we mentioned earlier that Garou wants to fight the stronger opponents, he continues to crush the strong opponents in order to push himself to his limit. Therefore, searching for the strong opponent, he crossed path with Tank Top Master. Tank Top Master is an S Class hero. His rank is 16. Garou recognized him and wanted to fight. And the battle did take place, one way or another. I am not going to talk about how that ends, nope. But, it could be one of the intense fights that you would look forward to.

6) Saitama vs. Blizzard of Hell

Fubuki AKA Blizzard is the younger sister of Tatsumaki. She is the number 1 hero, in B class. If she wants Fubuki can easily enter in class A in the Hero Association. But, she chose to remain in the B class and rule over there. So, when Saitama got promotion and got into B class, she came to congratulate him in Manga. But, the real reason behind that was to make him team up with her.

But, somehow things got different and Blizzard started to attack Saitama. As we all know, Fubuki is no match for Saitama. So, why is this fight here again? Because it took place at the same time when Genos was fighting against Sonic. Let’s just say, it gets interesting then.

Read One Punch Man Manga

For those who are wondering if you should start reading the Manga. First of all, read the One Punch Man manga. Trust me, it’s worth it. The story in a light tone, with brilliant fight scenes and an astonishing work of drawing.  Although the 2nd season of OPM is coming up, I shall suggest you read the manga. Why?

Simply, because it is GOOD. It’s good and enjoyable seeing Saitama got defeated by King…. Oops, my bad. I won’t give anymore spoiler. Do me a favor, will you?

Read the One Punch Man manga.

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