One Punch Man Season 2: Everything you need to know about

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One Punch Man anime event

Recently 2 major announcements about One Punch Man season 2 have been made. The first one is the anime event of One Punch Man. Well, the official news has been announced in the twitter pages. While we all are eagerly waiting to see our favorite C (!) class hero Saitama vs Garou the monster fight, the show has been delayed further.
The One Punch Man anime event is scheduled on 12th August. So, it is pretty easy to guess that, the teaser or trailer and all the additional information about One Punch Man season 2 would be announced in that event. The event is named as One Punch Man Maji Gakuensai.

Garou’s voice cast has been announced

The Hero Hunter Garou, is the character we all are waiting to watch in anime. A lot of us who do not read the manga but has been constantly hearing about this mysterious character. Well, lucky for us the Garou character is gonna be played by Hikaru Hidorikawa.
Hikaru Hidorikawa has also played Li Xingke from Code Geass, Nash Gold Jr. from Kuroko no Basuke: Last game, Kaito Wanijima from Air Gear; Yoshito Kikuchi from Great Teacher Onizuka; Android 16 from Dragon Ball Z; Rukawa Kaede from Slam dunk; Heero Yuy from Mobile Suit Gundam wing and many more.

When will One Punch Man season 2 trailer be released?

I guess, we have answered this quest already. But I guess it’s no harm making things clear for everyone, unlike the anime studios.
The trailer of the One Punch Man season 2 is likely to be released on 12th August in the One Punch Man anime Event.

When is the second season of One Punch Man going to be released?

It is safe to assume that we are not getting any OPM Season 2 before August. I mean 12th August specifically. Well, in the event they are very likely to reveal the release date as well. Till then, we will have to wait to see hero association handling the overpowering monsters.

Is it true that season 2 of One Punch Man got canceled?

Nope, noooo. If you are reading this from the beginning you should be aware that the production of One Punch Man is running already. I mean the whole point of shifting the project to JC stuff from Madhouse proves the point that OPM season 2 is coming. Definitely coming.

Is there enough content for One Punch Man for season 2?

The first season of this series covered around 48 chapters of the manga. I know, it is a little bit confusing when some other people are that season 1 covered 37 chapters. But, we are talking about one punch man manga here, which is illustrated by Yusuke Murata.
The time that this article has been published there are 136 chapters of OPM manga is online. So, you may say that there is enough material for One Punch man season 2 of course, considering it to be a 12 episode season like the previous one.

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But, if the JC Stuff decides to make it a 24 episode season, that could happen either. Well, in that case, there would be enough time to make 13/14 chapters more of the manga while the anime will be airing weekly. Not to mention, we have enough Meliodas x Elizabeth story to watch before to show even kicks in.

And for your kind info, that is not a MF Jo Jo’s reference.

What should we expect from One Punch Man season 2

Well, that’s a tricky question. A lot of people are talking about the anti-hero Garou. He certainly is an interesting character. But, I think these point would be much more interesting to watch:

1) Saitama vs Suiryu

I don’t want to spoil anything about this fight. But, regardless of how ridiculously overpowered character Saitama is, this battle would be enjoyable. I was looking forward to seeing Madhouse producing this battle, but I guess that’s not happening.

2) Saitama and King

In the season 2 of this popular action anime series, we might see some development on the relation between King and Saitama. As I don’t want to spoil anything, I won’t say a word for those who didn’t read the Manga yet.

3) Genos vs Sonic

Well, let’s just say, it would be fun to watch Genos fighting against Sonic in front of his master Saitama. While Fubuki was trying to teach Saitama a lesson, Genos was fighting Sonic to prove himself. As Genos has got upgraded weaponry and Sonic got a lot faster than before, it will be quite interesting.

4) Garou

Garou is going to be a popular figure from One Punch Man Season 2. Even our main protagonist Saitama will be searching for him. Nonetheless, we all are waiting to see this two-characters face to face.

One punch man season 2 animation studio

Well, it’s not a breaking news anymore that, Madhouse is not producing One Punch Man 2. Not like, they did the first season by themselves or something. They hired other staffs to do that. Still, they had influences and budget obviously.
So, what studio is producing the second season of OPM?
It would be JC Staff. If you don’t know JC staff, go check out their profile. They are mostly known for their Shoujo or Ecchi shows. I am not saying that they haven’t produced any good show which they did. But, it would be very annoying to see any Ecchi or Shoujo vibe from the second season of One Punch Man.

JC Staff is known for Bakuman, Maid Sama, Food Wars, Toradora, Golden Time, Prison School, Nodame Cantabile, Honey and Clover, Ghost Hunt, Flying Witch, Saiki, Loveless, Alice to Zouroku.

Ok, that’s it for today. If you want to know anything about One Punch Man season 2, let us know in the comment section below.

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