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Sword Art Online Episode 1 Review

Oh, happy day! This summer is looking absolutely great! I have been waiting a long time for this particular anime, as it was supposed to be similar to the Twilight series in more ways than one, and it is! Yet another anime about characters getting stuck inside a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) without the ability to log out. Awesome!

The artwork is simply great. A lot of great and detailed surroundings and characters from what I’ve seen so far, I like that! What’s more, I think that the monsters look pretty awesome too, not just the players. I just think that the characters’ special skills could’ve used a bit more work. They look a bit too dull and unimpressive.

As for the story goes; my god! I don’t think that calling the story orgasmic would be too much of an exaggeration. The story is absolutely great. You can go all sorts of ways with this type of story. And not just that, you can also, providing you can keep things interesting, make a large amount of episodes, as the story allows for it. It’s simply that good.

I definitely recommend this to all anime fans! You don’t like fantasy? Too bad, but I still suggest that you give this a try. This is the type of anime you could use to lure people into the world of anime, so I highly advise that you give it a try!

Plot Summary: Trapped and fighting for their very lives in a Virtual Reality MMORPG, Aincrad Online, the story explores the mishaps and adventures of the greatest one handed swordsman of the VR world, Kirito. Together with his friends, the solo swordsman strives to finish the game, which in turn will release all the minds trapped into Aincrad.

Sword Art Online episode 02 review

How could I possibly not write about this one? It is fighting Natsuyuki Rendezvous for first place as best anime of this year’s summer. There’s no way I could leave this one alone like that. The fact that the total number of episodes isn’t known yet makes me a little bit nervous.

Sword Art Online is basically an animated game that you watch instead of play. I like how Kazuto does things. He’s one of the beta testers that first played the game, so he already knew quite a bit about the game before the official release. Regular players didn’t like that and thought that beta players should share their obtained items with the regular players so that everyone has a fair fighting chance. Fair point, especially when your life is actually on the line, but the way they went about it was wrong. Besides, there’s no real way of recognizing a beta tester, so it’s a dead-end if those beta players remain quiet, just like Kazuto did.

They had to fight a boss to go to the next level. That means that all the payers, as in most MMORPG’s, form “parties” of half a dozen players in order to defeat the boss. Things got rough real quick. The players kept getting pushed back by that boss, all because their information turned out to be inaccurate. It was all up to Kazuto and Asuna, his new (female) friend, to defeat this boss before it defeated them.

Well now, it soon became very difficult for Kazuto to hide the fact that he too was one of the beta players. He simply knew too much about it. He knew it’s fighting weapons and patterns, so it soon became clear to others that he was one of those beta players. Sure, there was a bit of trouble afterward, but even they couldn’t complain that much after having been saved by him.

This is probably where Kazuto starts his real story. The story of a player known as “The Black Swordsman”. Seriously, that guy wins a black garment after defeating that boss and resumes continue in the game alone, even though he had Asuna by his side. I don’t know if he did it to show off or to get away safely before those angry players attacked him, but something doesn’t seem right. I can only hope that Asuna is one of those nosy girls and decides to follow him because someone like him could definitely use the help.

Sword Art Online episode 03 review

Quite the grim episode this turned out to be. It makes you wonder about the path the protagonist is going to take from here on out. This only made things worse, if anything. It’s safe to say that the story will be a lot darker from here on out.

The story continues to follow Kazuto, a boy that abandoned his friends to venture out on his own, thinking that it was the only way. Of course, that was until he met a group of people, a guild to be precise. This guild invited him to join, hoping that he would teach them how to fight and survive. Sure he joined after he told them a few lies, but at what cost? Things went smoothly at the beginning. He showed them where to level up, where to look for good items and how to expand their guild. Basically, he did his very best.

Yeah, things went well, until his fellow guild members decided to go out on their own to farm some gold. They decided to go to the dungeons to look for treasures and whatnot. However, they got a lot more than they bargained for. They saw a chest lying on the floor, but that was a trap. Soon the room filled with all sorts of monsters. And soon player after a player died at the hands of those monsters. Kazuto couldn’t do a damned thing. He just fought for his survived and watched as his friends died before his eyes.

Things keep getting more and more complicated. The protagonist is in a slump right now. He lost almost all of his friends in the blink of an eye, plus he had to explain what happened to the guild leader. That couldn’t have been easy. That guild leader has it the hardest, probably, because all of his friends got killed while he was out buying them a guild house.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. Things have become a little bit complicated, but I’m sure that time will simplify things. It’ll be interesting to see what Kazuto is going to do and if he’s going to contact any of his old ‘acquaintances’.

Sword Art Online episode 04 review

Absolutely awesome! It’s looking more and more like a real MMORPG. I love how they introduced a player-killing element (the option where one player can kill another). After all, what’s an online game without fights against other players?

The episode focusses on a little girl who had lost her virtual pet. You know the basics, I’m sure. A player gets a pet somehow, trains it, and uses it to fight and/or search for valuable items. That particular foundation of MMORPG’s hasn’t really changed. I’m glad too, how else could one truly enjoy Sword Art Online?

Anyway, Kazuto decided to help that young girl, Silica. I was skeptical at first. Silica, to me, seemed a bit fake. There were many scenes where she seemed to be a completely different person. Still, I have been wrong many times before. Kazuto trusted her and that is enough. The two spent quite a lot of time together, met up with Silica’s old group of, ahem, ‘friend and headed out to a place where Silica could obtain the one item that could revive her pet, Pina.

The two managed to make their way to “the Hill of Memories”, the one place where Pina, Silica’s pet, could be resurrected. It was a bit too easy at first, but it soon became clear that those two were being followed by that red-headed player-killer and her evil lackeys. It was pretty nostalgic to see how none of her followers could even scratch Kazuto, merely because his level was too high for them. He regenerated as soon as he took damage, making him practically invulnerable to their attacks, after which he sent them all to the game’s jail. How that brings back memories of so much wasted time…

All well that ends well. Kazuto made a new friend and expended his reputation, Silica and Pina were once again reunited, and all that player-killing scum has been taken care of by Kazuto. Wonderful.

You know, I too hated it when I encountered players in MMORPG’s that were double my level. You can’t hurt them, yet they are capable of killing you with one hit. That’s how these games work. You have to avoid the big boys and start with the small fry first, so that you too may become one of those big boys. Yeah, MMORPG’s are pretty unfair that way, and that is probably why I don’t play them anymore.

Sword Art Online episode 05 review

Damn. This anime makes me want to play MMORPG’s. I came awfully close to buying Diablo 3, but I don’t like the idea of losing my character(s) when I die, seeing as I used to die quite a lot in those types of games. Playing is one thing, but wasting my time on something that might disappear into thin air after a few days is a bit too much for me.

Moving on; I like what I saw during this episode. Well, not all of it, but I did like it when I saw Kazuto with Asuna. Those two didn’t really part ways on the best of terms, which led me to believe at one point that their friendship was done for, but it seems that I may have overreacted. The two seem to be doing fine. Sure, they have a love-hate relationship right now, but it’s nothing that time won’t fix.

However, those two do not stand in the spotlight during this episode. The one taking the spotlight is a mysterious player that’s killing all of the players that used to be with him in his guild. They once found a rare item and decided to sell it by popular vote, so now he’s out there killing all those who voted against him. Talk about a sore loser, huh?

This guy uses homemade weapons to kill his opponents. Also, those weapons seem to slowly drain a player’s health points. And what’s more; the guy’s doing it in safe zones. Those zones are called that because players should be safe from most (if not all) attacks, yet player after playing is being killed by this guy and his weapons. That’s what’s so strange about it all.

Kazuto, Asuna and Andrew have quite a lot of work ahead of them. They will have to find this guy before he kills any more players. It’s a race-against-the-clock type of mission. I wonder though… Is Kazuto safe as well? I mean, he has a higher level than most players, which gives him quite the advantage, but is he ‘safe’? That’s what I’ve been wondering ever since I saw this episode. Only one way to find out, I guess…

Sword Art Online episode 06 review

I did not see this one coming. I knew this week’s episode would be interesting, but the twist was quite something. I was going an entire different way with my assumptions, which goes to show that I’m not always right. After all, I’m just another viewer, just like you.

After a week of waiting the story finally continues. I was going in the direction of a special item that allowed players to kill one another in safe areas. I was also thinking about the possibility of an interfering Game Master (GM), but that would be highly likely in Sword Art Online. The creator made it very clearly that there would be very little to no interfering, so that people would have to finish the game on their own.

It seems that Kazuto had already figured it out. You see, those handmade weapons were durability-draining weapons. That means that those weapons were specifically made to destroy players’ items. The players that got stabbed with those weapons didn’t actually die, it seems. Their gear just got destroyed and they teleported the second that happened, making it seem as though they had actually died.

Seriously, I was pretty impressed by that twist. It seems that Griselda’s husband was the one that killed her, only because he thought the game had changed her. He had hired a player killing guild (PK Guild) to kill her as well as the remaining members, but Kazuto got in the way before they could finish their task. That guy is seriously bad ass.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen during the next episode, but I’m looking forward to it. The relationship between Asuna and Kazuto is still a bit shaky and sensitive, but I’m starting to see a lot of improvement between those two. I see no reason as to why Kazuto should have to fight alone.

Sword Art Online episode 07 review

Oh boy, here it comes; a hellish love triangle. I could see it happen before my very eyes, and that just within the first five minutes. I could see so far ahead because I know what happens in these types of situations. Things are going to become a bit uncomfortable for Kazuto from now on.

Kazuto decided that it was time for a new sword. A sword that would help him to defeat stronger enemies.  So Kazuto went to a blacksmith that Asuna recommended a blacksmith, so Kazuto decided to stop by and check it out. That’s when he met Rika, a cute little blacksmith that thinks highly of her weapons. Kazuto didn’t want to waste any time, so he decided to test one of her weapons, after which he ended up breaking it. Needless to say that Rika was not happy with it at all. Still, she decided that she wanted to make him a powerful weapon, after which she told him that she needed his help to get the required materials to make him such a weapon.

Who would’ve though it? Oh, wait, I did. That part was pretty predictable; getting attacked by a strong monster that she couldn’t handle, causing Kazuto to save her life. Okay, they managed to get their precious material in the end, but come on… Really? I’m pretty sure anyone could’ve guessed that something like that might happen. It’s a MMORPG, so strong monsters (more commonly known as bosses) are pretty much standard stuff. I just can’t believe it turned into such a situation where the hero actually ended up saving yet another damsel in distress. This is the third or fourth time now, isn’t it?

Oh well, I enjoyed watching it, which is all that really matters in the end. Things are going to become pretty interesting from now on, but I fear that they are going to become a bit predictable too. I mean, Rika-chan is aware of the feelings that Asuna has for Kazuto, so Rika won’t be as aggressive as before. It is my guess that Rika will continue to pursue Kazuto in her own way by observing the relationship between him and Asuna.

Sword Art Online episode 08 review

What a dreadful episode this turned out to be. The episode itself was pretty good, but the scenes… Good god. That just goes to show that Kazuto may have been right all along about being a solo player. Being in a guild, from what I could tell, is just one big headache.

The story primarily revolved around the S-rank rare item that Kazuto obtained during his travels in that dreadful virtual world. A delicious little treat by the name of “ragout rabbit” was the hot topic during this episode. How stupid. Kazuto and Asuna both know that it’s all fake. It’s starting to look like they’re both getting too used to that world.

But let’s focus a bit more on that whole guild thing. Asuna, being someone with a high position within that guild, was assigned a guard that was following her around all over the place. This guy, a hideous looking ego tripper, ended up picking a fight with the wrong, namely Kazuto. It didn’t take Kazuto very long to humiliate that fool, so that was pretty reassuring.

Finally, I’m a bit worried about that PK guild. They have been keeping an annoyingly close eye on Kazuto and Asuna. It may be a very wild guess on my part, but I’m guessing that Asuna and Kazuto have made their most wanted list, especially Kazuto, seeing as he interfered with one of their ‘assignments’ before. That puts him in a though spot, as I don’t think that those guys play fair, and with Kazuto having so many friends…  Let us just say that Kazuto is pretty vulnerable, at least more than Asuna.

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AUG 23, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 09 review

Oh yeah, this week’s episode of Sword Art Online definitely confirmed one thing. Sword Art Online is this season’s best anime. It was a close call between this and Natsuyuki Rendezvous, but that soon changed when Natsuyuki Rendezvous started going downhill during these past few weeks. So yeah, Sword Art Online is definitely number one here.

This week’s episode was amazingly good. A new boss, a new skill, old friends and a group of suicidal idiots… Never knew that those were the ingredients for awesomeness. I’m pretty sure that the majority of the viewers this week realized that things were going to get rough when those soldier-wannabe’s wanted to go after the boss, thinking that it was easy to defeat. However, things went south really fast when none of them could defend against his attacks, let alone land a clean hit on him.

It goes without saying that Kazuto and his friends all showed up to help them out, but I never would’ve imagined that Kazuto would defeat that thing by himself with the use of his dual-wielding skill, a skill that seems to be pretty rare in Sword Art Online.

Take notice, guys! I don’t want to receive any e-mails this time about how wrong I am. Think about it; Kazuto defeated that boss alone, period. Neither Asuna nor Ryoutarou had the necessary skills and/or stats to defeat that thing. Sure, they inflicted some damage, which probably would’ve been minimal with that boss’ HP regeneration rate, but Kazuto was still the one that singlehandedly defeated that boss.

I am really looking forward to next week’s episode. Kazuto and Asuna are getting along better than ever. Besides, I’m pretty sure that everyone wants to see that match between Kazuto and Asuna’s guild leader. It’s kind of strange that Asuna isn’t allowed to leave the guild if she wanted to, and that Kazuto has to fight for her freedom now. That is some strange stuff.

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AUG 30, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 10 review

I never thought that I would say this about Sword Art Online, but what a disappointing episode. I just don’t understand it. This episode could have been the best one yet. The relationship between Asuna and Kazuto has finally reached a new level, yet Kazuto is tied to that guild right now.

I was hyped beyond belief after last week’s episode. Kazuto would have to face Asuna’s guild leader in a one-on-one match. Win and Asuna goes with you, lose and you join our guild. Those were the stakes. Kazuto gave it his all, used that dual wielding ability of his and still ended up as the loser.  I’m not saying there was foul play, although there was something strange about that guy’s abilities. I’m just saying that I cannot accept the fact that both Kazuto and Asuna are being forced to stay part of that guild without the ability to leave whenever they see fit. I know that I’ve made it very clear in the past that I hate it when the protagonist keeps winning all the time, but I wouldn’t have minded this time.

Anyway, I’m going to skip over that whole team killing thing where Kazuto almost died. That creep attacked him, Asuna saved him and Kazuto ended up taking his life. Nicely done, Kazuto. No, I just want to skip straight to the point where their relationship reached that wonderful new level.

It started out as a simple case of miscommunication. Asuna was under the impression that Kazuto wanted to have sex straight away, even though he only wanted to stay at her place for the night. That was pretty funny and interested, as Asuna showed that she was up for it. No, Kazuto just wanted to make it very clear how he feels about her (before it’s too late). That was the only good thing about this week’s episode. It would’ve been perfect would Kazuto not have lost like that. Still, I’m once again hyped up about next week’s episode, so it’s all good!

Sword Art Online episode 11 review

Say whatever you want, but this was one strange episode. It’s more like I couldn’t grasp the meaning behind it. Boy and girl like one another. Boy and girl form a couple. Couple go out for a walk in the woods. Couple finds lost, unconscious girl in woods. Couple takes girl with them. That is seriously some strange stuff.

Let me just start this off by saying that I’m pretty happy about the way things are going right now. The relationship between Asuna and Kazuto is progressing nicely and their trouble with the guild seems to be over for the time being. It’s too bad that they actually had to ask for that guy’s permission. The idea of asking someone for temporary freedom is strange in general.

Since when do you have to ask for permission when leaving a guild? Since when do you have to ask for permission when you want to do your own thing in the game? Granted, I haven’t played that many MMORPG’s, but the ones that I have played are pretty different from what I’ve been seeing for the past few weeks.

Anyway, Asuna and Kazuto brought that girl with them. Is it a coincidence that they, out of thousands of remaining players, were the ones to find that girl, a girl with no cursor and strange abilities? I doubt it. I will say this though; I don’t like the idea of Asuna and Kazuto becoming virtual parents. I believe that there’s a firm limit to how ‘unique’ you can make these things.

Oh, and I would also like to mention that things are getting out of hand too. The players in Sword Art Online seem to be getting very possessive. They are trying to obtain money, items and god only knows what by force. The strangest thing is, is that they are doing it in safe areas. Quite the interesting turn of events.

Sword Art Online episode 12 review

I’m afraid my posts will be very short for the next few days, as I have hurt one of my arms, rendering me unable to type properly. It’s really too bad, because there’s a lot that I want to say about this episode.

This episode made my week. I didn’t like it when Asuna and Kazuto gained a child like that. Be serious for once. I was especially happy when that girl turned out to be a malfunctioning program of Sword Art Online. It was a good thing too, as both their lives were saved thanks to her. It was a shame that she was deleted, but I’m pretty sure that it was for the best. I really didn’t like the thought of those two raising a virtual child. This type of story doesn’t allow for it. It’s supposed to stay interesting, dramatic and adventurous. That’s the way I know Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online episode 13 review

Oh boy, I’m probably going to piss off a few fan boys with this post, but no guts no glory. I just can’t help but feel disappointed after watching this episode. It doesn’t really affect my opinion about Sword Art Online in general, but still…

The episode starts out pretty strangely. Kazuto is honing his fishing skills, when suddenly he meets an elderly man. The old man catches the fish, unlike Kazuto, so Kazuto decided to invite him to his ‘house’, so that Asuna-chan can prepare a nice meal. The hungry man was all too happy to accept, after which a messed up friendship unfolded. What is up with that? I don’t want to watch a scene where Kazuto and Asuna team up to catch a four-legged fish. Not after hearing that dramatic story about how that man gave up on his real life and about how all the players will die eventually without real food, as they are probably all in hospitals right now.

It was really lame. They started out with an easy-going first half, only to surprising us with an action-filled second half. Both Kazuto and Asuna are once again fighting for their lives, even though it’s not out of free will this time. Sure, both of them may want to go home, and that can only be accomplished by completing the game, but we mustn’t forget that they are just taking orders from their guild leader.

I wish they had started right away with the action. Start with that story about how the players are in hospitals and will probably die without any real food soon, after which you start that whole boss scene. That would’ve been so much better. The kind of strange comedy that we’ve seen this week doesn’t suit Sword Art Online very well. Maybe that’s just me though…

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SEP 27, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 14 review

This was the most dreadful, yet most amazing episode so far! I cannot believe how Sword Art Online keeps blowing away my expectations. I sat the bar sky high, but Sword Art Online launches itself into space. I know we’re just halfway, but I had to make sure. This episode felt as though the end was near, but no… It clearly says that Sword Art Online has twenty-five episodes.

The episode continued with their fight against that boss. Sure, they defeated it after having sacrificed a lot of people, but it didn’t end there. Kazuto has always been suspicious of his guild leader, ever since he did that one on one, so he decided to attack him head-on, only to find out that he’s a GM (game master) and the creator of the entire game. He is the one behind Sword Art Online. I could now believe I saw that. I could not believe that Kazuto ended up fighting him with everyone’s lives at stake. Hell, I couldn’t even believe he ended up winning against him, thereby setting everyone free.

This is where things take a turn for the worse. Asuna took a fatal blow when she tried to save Kazuto from being killed. She may have spent her last moments with Kazuto, but I don’t know whether or not she survived in the end. She ‘disappeared’ and I don’t know whether or not she passed away in the ‘real’ world too or if Sword Art Online logged everyone out in time for her to be saved.

Also, I thought it was pretty cool to see Kazuto wake up. He’s been in the hospital for a long time, so it was pretty cool to get that feel of realism when I saw that long hair of his. I know realism doesn’t exactly spell out Sword Art Online, but still… I was moved and I love it, and that’s all that really matters here. Now we just have to wait for the next episode.

Sword Art Online episode 15 review

So I watched this episode very carefully, but what am I supposed to say about it? It was pretty interesting and good, but by no means one of the best. Problem after problem keeps appearing before Kazuto. It’s only a matter of time before he goes nuts.

Asuna is still unconscious. My guess that she had survived Sword Art Online in time was wrong, unfortunately. She was still in the hospital. Kazuto visited her a lot, until he got to hear that she was to be married to some guy, Kazuto’s new enemy. He didn’t care much for her wellbeing. He just wanted to get his hands on her father’s company, probably. A bit too obvious, but I’ll just go with it.

Kazuto, known as the hero nowadays, tried very hard to resume his life. He spent some time with his family, worked on personal issues and even continued his school life (from what I understood). Frankly, the only thing we have to focus on is Asuna’s current situation and Kazuto’s quest to save her before that horrible man gets his hands on her.

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OCT 11, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 16 review

I’m shocked. I’m completely and utterly shocked. I knew that it was safe to expect a lot of drama, but this… This was beyond my expectations. I hate to say it, I really do, but I’m not too sure I’m happy about it all. This could either go very well or end up very badly.

I can’t believe that Kazuto, after having been stuck inside that dreadful game for over two years, dove right into another, yet very similar game. The games are similar because both of them use the same engine and coding. The setting is the only thing that’s different. This time it’s an adventure game where the characters are flying fairies and whatnot.

So yeah, Kazuto started playing the game. However, he soon realized that his character data from Sword Art Online was still intact. In fact, his entire character remained the same, except for his items and dual wielding skill. His fighting skills, defending skills and all his other stats remained the same. That part I liked! I don’t want to see him start from level one again. We passed that point long ago.

It is a ridiculous decision he made. But, even though I hate to say it, he had good reason to do so. Asuna may or may not be inside that game. We all know she’s still in a coma. But she’s not dead. Not yet. A player supposedly died in the real world as soon as he/she was killed in Sword Art Online, which proves that she’s still alive. Chances are that’s she’s inside that new game alright, seeing as it uses the same system and all. Hell, even their “daughter”, an A.I. from Sword Art Online, was restored as soon as Kazuto pulled her out of his inventory. It’s safe to assume that we are about to embark upon a new journey throughout a new people-killing game. Yay…

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OCT 18, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 17 review

This particular episode really makes one want kill people. Oh well, at least it’s pretty fast paced right now. No more levelling, guilds or fights between people with special abilities. I hope things stay that way. Sword Art Online didn’t get popular because of all that.

Kazuto handed in his dual wielding ability or a pair of magical wings, we know that much now. But what about the consequences? It’s only a matter of time before that old man finds out that Kazuto, the boy that finished Sword Art Online, is now playing his game as well. But hey, we’ll get to that later. Let us focus on the fact that Kazuto started playing yet another evil game. Let us focus on the fact that met a young female player that decided to help him reach that castle. Let us focus on the fact that that young female player is none other than his little sister. There’s just so much to talk about…

Let’s quickly focus on that four-eyed bastard. He currently runs the company behind this new game, the game that uses Sword Art Online’s engine and coding. He had the audacity to visit Asuna in the hospital and confront Kazuto, when he’s actually the one keeping her imprisoned inside this new game. It’s still a bit complicated and I might have made a mistake or two, but I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t want Asuna’s father to find out what’s really going on.

That is probably where Kazuto comes in… It’s only a matter of time before he figures out how things are. He doesn’t strike me as the type that will run towards Asuna’s father to tell him what’s going on with his daughter. Besides, her old man wouldn’t believe him anyway.

Sword Art Online episode 18 review

Hey guys, is it just me or is Sword Art Online becoming more aggressive? Or rather… It’s making me, the viewer, a bit more aggressive. It’s been eighteen weeks now since the start, yet we keep seeing the exact same result, even though it’s a new chapter (for lack of a better word).

It’s nice that Kazuto hasn’t given up hope on his girlfriend, Asuna. I completely agree. That character should be like that, but to start a new game like this? I don’t know. It doesn’t get us anywhere. We have only a few episodes left and Kazuto has started all over again. He may have his levels and some skills, but he as to acquire all the information he can about that new game in order to save Asuna.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is; it’s pointless. I like the fact that his in-game character can fly now. I like the fact that he is playing with his sister right now, even though both of them aren’t aware of it yet. I like most of it. Yet… I can’t seem to like the fact that Asuna is still being held captive inside another game.

Anyway, what’s done is done. I didn’t make it. Hell, I couldn’t even think of such an incredible story, let alone put it on paper. It just feels that we have started all over again, that’s all. I would’ve changed the in-game part. I would’ve let Asuna wake up. I would’ve let Kazuto fight for her in the real world, instead of sending that character straight into a new game. Think about it; how great would it be if those two lovebirds, two people that were both stuck inside a game for ages, eloped to someplace, just so that they could be together? That would’ve been one hell of an ending.

Sword Art Online episode 19 review

Why do things always take a weird turn in Sword Art Online? It went from weird to bizarre. Why? I honestly don’t get it, but the fact that there are few episodes remaining is what worries me most. I’ve been hearing a lot of bad remarks about the ending…

This episode continued with Kazuto and Suguha’s guest to reach that almighty tree. Their journey soon came to a temporary standstill when they found out they were being followed by a group of players looking to kill them, a group known as “Salamanders”. So far so good, except for that strange pet that tracks other players. It’s an interesting idea, I suppose, but I’m not a big fan of it. I did like the ability where a player like Suguha can make herself invisible for as long as she (and other players) remain quiet. Very interesting indeed.

Also, what’s up with Kazuto’s new transformation ability? I am well aware that in many games like World of Warcraft, Conquer Online, Lineage II and many others, that a player can transform into an animal after sacrificing quite a few Mana points (MP). But come on, what was up with that form? I thought that Kazuto’s class wasn’t meant for fighting? That was a little bit unexpected.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. I want to know more about that transformation and about why they were attacked. What’s the point in one side cooperating with another? There’s only one side that can win in the end.

Sword Art Online episode 20 review

It’s been twenty weeks already, huh? Twenty awesome weeks filled with Sword Art Online. It’s strange that Bakuman, a show that does even better in ratings than Sword Art Online, gets realised so irregularly. I guess we just can’t have it all…

I had a feeling that it would turn out like this. Kazuto isn’t the type of person that would abandon his friends. He proved that when he was still stuck inside Sword Art Online. So, I knew that he would help out Suguha’s friends against the invading Salamander forces. I didn’t know that he would lie to them though, despite the fact that it didn’t work out in the end.

It seemed quite unfair that Kazuto, having started the game only a few days ago (their time, not ours), managed to defeat their general with his amateur gear. I did expect to see him dual wield two swords again though. After all, it’s a skill that made him so known in Sword Art Online. Authors don’t usually drop something as important like that. They usually bring it back later on.

Anyway, Kazuto defeated their general, stopped the invasion and ensured that justice was brought down upon the traitor that was responsible for all of this. Not bad for a day’s work. It was pretty funny when everyone suddenly wanted Kazuto to join them. They even tried to persuade him through their digital bodies. What kind of person would be persuaded by a pair of big, digital breasts? I wouldn’t (seriously). They must’ve thought that he was some kind of hard-core NEET that never gets out to meet any girls. Poor guy… At least he’ll get Asuna back, providing she actually manages to escape.

Sword Art Online episode 21 review

Oh, oh… My hope levels are rising again! I was slowly starting to lose faith in Sword Art Online, as it felt as though we were back where we started. But, although it still seems that way, I’m starting to get hopeful once more. It was the kind of episode that makes you want to see more and more straight away.

We all know Asuna, a feisty girl that doesn’t have any problems with speaking her mind. She almost managed to escape and log out of that dreadful game. She would’ve succeeded if it weren’t for those two staff members. That’s when I started to get a little hopeful. Sure, I was down again when she failed to escape, but I’m sure that she’ll get another opportunity like that if she keeps trying.

Kazuto even ended up taking his little sister to the hospital to see Asuna. That time could’ve been better spent on levelling and finding a way to reach the top of that tree, but I suppose this is fine too. Besides, Kazuto didn’t even know for sure that Asuna was at the very top of that tree. He was just assuming based on the picture he saw.

However, his assumptions were soon turned into reality when his virtual fairy daughter detected Asuna’s presence. Kazuto, probably more motivated than ever before, will now have to find a way to reach the top. I’m looking forward to that, but I’m also looking forward to the moment where brother and sister finally realize that they have been playing that game with each other all this time. That should prove to be quite the amusing scene. Kazuto will probably be fine, but his little sister, a girl that has fallen in love with the character Kirito, her brother’s character, will probably be so embarrassed that she won’t be able to look him in the eyes.

Sword Art Online episode 22 review

We’re here! After weeks of waiting, were finally here! I was starting to think that they were planning to wait till the last two episodes before Kazuto and Suguha became aware of the fact that they were actually playing the game with one another.

The first half consisted of Kazuto’s stubborn attempt to reach the top of the tree by participating in that quest. A quest where the player has to reach the top alive. This sounds easy enough, right? Think again. You have to pass an army hundreds of enemies, both close range and long range, before you can actually reach the end. Do the math; one hard-core gamer versus hundreds of well-coordinated enemies. It’s that Suguga, his little sister, followed him in to get him out in time. She had very little time to revive him, otherwise he would’ve had to start all over again.

That’s when it became clear to them that they were playing with each other, not with some unknown person from god only knows where. Suguha took it the worst. Not only the she find out that her brother, someone just came out a long, game-induced coma, has started playing again, but she also found out that she’s actually in love with him (I think?).

She appears to be clinging to the fact that they aren’t actually related by blood. She thinks of that as an excuse to date, even though it’s probably still more than just frowned upon. She is torn between her feelings for Kazuto and about his feelings for Asuna, whom he is trying to save right now. I hope she will continue to help him in his quest to free Asuna, although the chances of that are very small.

Sword Art Online episode 23 review

Good episode, but I start to get the feeling that the end is going to be affected by how slow the pace has gotten. Sword Art Online has made a huge impact, and it would be a terrible waste if they messed up the ending by suddenly going too fast. The ending needs time, it needs the right combination of drama and romance.

I could say many things about this episode, but Suguha surprised me the most. I thought that she would’ve given up on her brother’s mission to save Asuna from the clutches of that evil virgin. And yes, the guy’s a virgin. Why else would he want to have virtual sex with Asuna? He could’ve just let her wake up, have actual sex with her and put her back in the game after he finishes.

All jokes aside, I don’t see how Suguha can continue to look her brother in the eyes. She openly confessed to him, yet she continues to help him. I’m not saying that she doesn’t like him anymore, because she does. Why else would she turned down her school friend’s confession? She’s probably still clinging to the idea of dating her brother.

That’s one part of it though. The other part, the part that should stand in the spotlight, would be the fact that Kazuto, with the help of all his friends in ALfheim Online, took another shot at clearing that quest. Only then could people tell that the game wasn’t created for people to finish it, but for them to play it endlessly.

Now, I have wondered why Asuna specifically dropped that black access card item. I didn’t make sense at the time. Never could I have imagined that it was to be used to allow Kazuto to pass through that gate, a gate that wasn’t ever going to open on its own. I had come up with a different theory where Kazuto (or his fairy friend) would obtain GM rights to make the fight between him and ‘Mr. Virgin’ a fair one. How interesting…

Sword Art Online episode 24 review

What the hell is going on with Sword Art Online? The story’s pace was slow until now, so why did it suddenly break the sound barrier? This is what I was afraid of. Too much happened in one episode, and I believe that it happened too fast.

We spent the past few episodes watching Kazuto and his little sister play this new game, a game where the player actually flies for a brief period of time before having to recharge that ability. He made some new friends, defeated a few enemies and actually farmed enough gold to save two classes from being defeated by another, invading class of players.

Do you get the picture now? Kazuto did all that during the past few weeks, yet how did he, in one single episode, find the correct key, allow his fairy friend to decrypt and use it, walk up to the final stage and meet up with Asuna, the girl he fell in love with, only to end up defeating Oberon, that psychotic nerd that actually tried to virtual-rape Asuna infront of Kazuto.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t fun when Kazuto suddenly overpowered him. Even I wouldn’t have thought about the possibility of Akihiko leaving Kazuto will all of his administrative powers. It makes sense; Akihiko came to like Kazuto after he was defeated by him, and ALfheim Online is practically the same as Sword Art Online, which explains why Kazuto had all of his old gear and skills when he first started.

It’s a shame that it came to this, but I have high hopes for the final episode. Asuna has finally logged out after all those years, and Kazuto is probably going to the hospital lickety f*ckin’ split. It’ll be quite touching when he kisses her in real life for the very first time. Part of me wishes that both her father and psycho geek are there when (and if) that happens.

Sword Art Online episode 25 review

It’s too bad that I didn’t watch this episode after this week’s Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, because it might’ve cured the disappointment. This is how an ending should be, people! It’s absolutely no wonder that Sword Art Online managed to get itself on the list of top forty  anime of all time within just a couple of episodes.

This episode was to take care of everything. It was supposed to leave no stone unturned, no crack in the story left unfilled and no mystery left unsolved. I think it’s safe to say that they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams? I for one have no more questions. This one episode answered it all. Now that’s what I call an amazing ending!

I was kind of surprised when psycho virgin waited on the hospital’s parking lot to ambush Kazuto. I did not see that coming. I guess he didn’t like to be defeated by Kazuto, a mere player, when he was supposed to be the game admin. Kazuto disarmed him, beat him up and left him there. Wut? I would’ve beat him half to death, tied him up and called the police to pick him up. Kazuto only defended himself, after all…

It was quite moving when Kazuto walked into Asuna’s hospital room. She had finally been freed from her virtual prison after all those years… It was quite moving to see those two meet face to face in the ‘real’ world for the very first time. It was absolutely perfect! The balance between romance and drama was just right, as can only be expected of Sword Art Online.

Everything ended. The remaining players were freed, Kazuto found a purpose to use “The Seed” and his relationship with his sister is still holding strong. It’s too bad that I didn’t get to see an x-amount of years later scene, but that’s not important. What’s important is that they explained everything. Sword Art Online is truly a must-buy anime. No more need be said. Happy Christmas!

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