Top 10 Naruto Couples From Good To The Best

Naruto Hinata Cosplay
Naruto Hinata Cosplay

Couples. Anime Couples. Naruto couples.

That’s right, we are talking about top 10 Naruto Couples today. Of course, all of you are not going to accept our opinion. And that is ok. People have a different opinion. If you do not like our list, you can comment which one is the best among all the naruto couples in the comment section.

10) Fugaku Uchiha – Mikoto Uchiha

Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha who were Sasuke’s parents were a very happy couple together. Especially Sasuke’s mother covered a lot for his partner Fugaku’s absence. In Sasuke’s backstory, we see kid Sasuke always tried his parents’ attention. He always wanted to show his father his skills but his father always praised Itachi- his elder son.

Sasuke often wondered and asked his mother if his father even love him. Mikoto explained Fugaku’s feeling towards Sasuke and Itachi. Well, those little moments did give us hints about a wonderful relationship with this couple.

9) Konan – Yahiko

Well, Konan and Yahiko were not officially couple or something, however, we saw a few moments. You know what, let’s just put it here. Those who agree with them being a great couple would understand it well.

Itachi Mockup

8) Asuma Sarutobi – Kurenai Yuhi

Shikamaru’s teacher, Kakashi’s friend, and Hiruzen’ Son Asuma Sarutobi had a crush on Kurenai. We all thought they will make a great couple but didn’t see much of them. So we were expecting something to happen. Well, something did happen & Kishimoto sensei hit us with a feel-train again.
Before his departure, Asuma told Shikamaru something. Later we found out Kurenai was pregnant. As shocking as Asuma’s death was, we were also surprised by the fact that they were making out.

7) Ino Yamanaka – Sai

The first time Ino met, we saw she really liked him. As the story continues it does not give much of content about this Naruto Couple. But later we found a sweet relationship between these two. And of course, in the continuation of the story more accurately Boruto: Naruto next generations, we saw them as a happy couple. They have got a fine kid named Inojin.

6) Sasuke Uchiha – Sakura Haruno

It always made me sad how much sufferings Sakura had been through for Sasuke. From the day one of their academy Sakura liked Sasuke. She always wanted to do everything to get him. To get closer to him. Even after Sasuke did all the horrible things Sakura still persuaded Sasuke. Not to mention Sasuke tried to kill her once. And of course, Naruto (that’s what he does) saved him.

Even after defeating Kaguya, Sakura approached Sasuke and tried to stop him fighting and failed of course. But, as Naruto kept his promise by bringing Sasuke back (of course Sasuke went to the world tour), Sasuke-Sakura relationship finally sees some light of hope.

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  1. I’m just going to say it buuuut… I personally think for me, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha should have been in top 5. And I’m probably only saying this because I’m a gay fangirl/fanboy. But this is only my opinion lol.

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