Weakest to Strongest Akatsuki Members in Order

Akatsuki Cosplay
Akatsuki Cosplay

Who is the strongest Akatsuki Member? Who is the weakest among the Akatsuki member? Ever wonder about that? Here is your answer to that:

11) Zetsu

Zetsu might be behind all the evil did that had happened over time. But when it comes down to the battle and might, he is the least strong character in this list.

The only 3 great ability that he possesses are:

  • Merge with someone and stay hidden (e.g. – Sasuke)
  • Fake someone’s appearance as well as his chakra nature.
  • Transport through the ground.

And all of these abilities are in no use to defeat any formidable opponent. So, there should be no question about his position in the last of the list.

10) Hidan

Hidan was the last new member at the time Obito showed up as Tobi. This S rank shinobi got teamed up with Kakuzu in Akatsuki. Hidan is the one who is suspected to kill the Chinoike clan in the Valley of Hell. Despite being a highly religious person, Hidan was foul-mouthed.

  • Adept in Bakijutsu.
  • Very agile.
  • Incredible durability as well as stamina
  • Jashin Ritual and Curse

9) Kakuzu

Kakuzu is one of the characters who fought the first Hokage Hashirama Senju. Well, as the details were not in manga or anime to be found, it is quite understandable how one-sided the fight was. And, as Kakuzu had 5 heart, it was quite possible to survive even with 1 of his hearts. Not to mention it was Hashirama whom he battled against, not Tobirama. So, forgiving and letting live his opponent is typical Hashirama thing.

But, Kakuzu had some pretty cool abilities under his sleeve.

  • He could use all 5 chakra nature thanks to his 5 heart.
  • Kakuzu was proficient in Taijutsu
  • Kakuzu was immortal.
  • He was highly enduring and had great physical power.

8) Konan

Konan is one of the members of team Jiraiya along with Nagato and Yahiko. She is mainly famous for her paper manipulation. She could fly, she could make paper clone, and she could follow anyone using paper. Konan even could use her papers as kunai. In the training period, Jiraiya used water to brush off his paper kunai. After that Konan used oil as a protection over her papers and overcome that.

The deadliest thing that Konan had in her arsenal is her insane amount of paper-bombs. Against Obito, in a deadly battle, she used hundreds of Billions of paper-bombs. As Obito had his space-time ninjutsu to counter any kind of jutsu, he dodged it. But, without any kind of teleportation jutsu, 600 billion paper bomb is just deadlock.

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  • Konan was a sensory type ninja.
  • Konan had an unlimited reserve of Paper Bomb to summon without any notice.
  • She created Dance of the Shikigami.
  • Konan had a very sharp intellectual thought process.

7) Deidara

Deidara is an artist and the explosive is his color to paint. And you got to admit Deidara is pretty good at it. At least judging by his standard I mean. He can fly, he can make things explode. He can make such a gigantic explosive that would blow an entire village or more. He can even make such small explosive insects or ants that will follow you and explode in a close distance.

That alone is one hell of a dangerous ability, isn’t it? And he was intelligent enough to judge a situation and to act upon it. Remember, he caught Gaara all by himself.

6) Sasori

Sasori became famous in the Third Great Ninja War. It was stated that he turned the sand red by blood. Sasori was the one who killed the Third Kazekage, who was considered as the strongest Ninja ever lived in Hidden Sand Village.

Sasori used his eleventh puppet Hiruko as both armor and weapon. He almost all the time hid inside that puppet of his. In fact, most of the Akatsuki member thought that Hiruko was his real body.

  • The creator of Human Puppetry
  • Sasori made a puppet of himself that made him immortal, as long as his heart was not destroyed.
  • Sasori could use his human puppets and their KekkeiGenkaii the way he wanted.
  • Sasori was sly and had sharp analytical abilities.
  • He had profound knowledge of different kind of poisons.
  • He could manipulate and control other human even against their will.

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  1. You do realize Itachi defeated Nagato (granted, with two jinchūriki helping him / distracting Nagato). However, I would imagine Nagato (as the Pain persona) along with his five other avatars would definitely defeat Itachi.

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