The Real Reason Why Kakashi Killed Rin Nohara?

Rin Kakashi Obito Cosplay
Rin Kakashi Obito Cosplay

Whenever people talk about why did Kakashi kill Rin, I get the urge to say a few things about it.

First of all, Kakashi didn’t kill Rin. Surely the death of his teammate Rin happened by his hand, but it was not Kakashi who killed her. It was Rin, who jumped out in front of Raikiri that Kakashi was using to kill the enemy ninja. And as we all know Raikiri/Chidori is extremely fast lightening chakra controlled jutsu. Moreover, right after getting the Sharingan Kakashi didn’t have the time to have complete mastery over the jutsu. So there was no way Kakashi could avoid that last minute encounter, as Rin calculated the timing carefully to kill herself.

Did Madara plan Rin’s death and Yahiko’s death?

The whole plan for Rin was planned by Madara, as Obito was a perfect candidate for him. As emotional warm-hearted of a person Obito was, Madara knew he would be easy to control. So he utilized the weakness of Obito. He planned the whole incident in a way that to Obito the symbol of hope and love dies right in front of his eyes by his best friend Kakashi. As Rin died right before his eyes, by the hand of Kakashi, it was literally the end of the hero of the Hidden Leaf who wanted to become a Hokage.

The symbol of hope and love turned into despair and hatred. On top of that Madara placed a curse tag inside Obito’s heart to control him completely. Later in the 4th Great Ninja War, Kakashi destroyed the curse mark by his Raikiri in the Kamui Dimension.

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As for Yahiko

Nope, there is no evidence that Madara had to do anything with Yahiko’s death. Although, there is a possibility that Obito might have been controlled the situation to get control of Akatsuki. Because, as long as Yahiko was alive, he would never ally with Obito. Even Yahiko told Nagato and Konan to stay away from the masked man (Obito) who was disguised as Madara.

How does Obito know that Kakashi didn’t kill Rin?

Obito never blamed Kakashi that he killed Rin. He knew that the 3 Tailed Beast was inside of her and it was her choice to die by Kakashi’s hand. However, Obito blamed Kakashi that he let Rin die. He made a promise to Obito that he would protect him. Obito never really hated Kakashi for Rin’s death, he hated the situation, the whole ninja system. That is why he was easy to be controlled by Madara.

What Jinchuriki was Rin Nohara?

In the battle of Kannabi breeze, Rin was kidnapped by the hidden mist village from the 3 man squad of Kakashi, Obito, and Rin. Later they implanted the 3 Tailed Beast inside Rin and made her the Jinchuriki.

So, Rin Nohara was the Jinchuriki of the 3 Tailed beasts Isobu.

And all of the incidents were planned by Madara to brainwash Obito and his moral.

When Kakashi killed Rin, did not 3 Tails die with her also?

Nope, the 3 Tails Beast did not die when Rin killed herself by Kakashi’s Raikiri.

As we all know that, Tailed Beasts cannot die, it is impossible to kill the tailed beasts. They are just massive amount/ source of chakra in a beast form. If the host of the Jinchuriki dies, they will just respawn somewhere else in the world.

But, why did the Mist shinobi kidnap Rin?

As I said earlier, it was all planned up for Obito to turn his back against the village and against the ninja system eventually. Madara knew how to use Obito very well. That’s why instead of make him do things against his will, Madara turned his will upside down. He plotted the entire things so that Obito would have to watch his love Rin Nohara die by his best friend’s hand. That’s why later it became quite easy for him to control Obito.

What episode does Rin Nohara die?

Rin Nohara dies in Naruto Shippuden Episode 345. In that episode of Naruto Shippuden Obito rush to the spot with Zetsu where the Mist Shinobi surrounded Kakashi and Rin Nohara. However, when Obito reached the spot Rin just jumped out in Kakashi’s Raikiri. Basically, in that 345 episode Rin committed suicide.

Why did Rin jump in front of Kakashi?

So. the thing is, everything was happening according to Madara’s plan. The Hidden Mist Shinobi sealed the 3 Tails inside Rin Nohara. They wanted Rin to go back to the village and then they would undo the seal and they would be able to rampage the village. As they were chasing Rin and Kakashi, soon enough Rin understood the situation. Then she decided to give her life to protect the village. She knew Kakashi would never be able to kill her. That is why she jumped right in front of Kakashi’s Raikiri and killed herself.

Does Kakashi love Rin?

Before answering the question you have to understand the 2 different states of Kakashi.

  1. Before Obito’s sacrifice and Rin’s kidnapping, he was always bound by the rules. He never let his emotions took place. Missions and teammates were always different for him. He never let emotions mix up with them. As he didn’t let his emotion get attached to her, he didn’t feel for Rin.
  2. After Obito’s sacrifice, Kakashi finally understood the value of teammates/comrades. Kakashi had burdened himself for Obito’s loss. He thought, he was the reason Obito got crushed by the bolder. He wanted to respect Obito’s sacrifice and wanted to keep his last wish. That is why when he was fighting against Hidden Mist ninjas, he conveyed Obito’s feeling for her. And when Rin insisted to confess about her feeling, Kakashi stopped him.

So, before “Obito’s death”, Kakashi hardly had any attachment with his teammate. So no room for love there. And after the event, he was too fixated on Obito’s sacrifice. So, no luck there either.

Sorry, Kakashi-Rin shipper, Kakashi didn’t have time or scope to fell for Rin. To Kakashi, Rin was a comrade and Obito’s girl.

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